Hockey is a fun sport to play with your friends. Hockey is a hard sport to learn because you need to learn how to skate forward and backwards, stick handle with a stick and puck. But once you get used to hockey it is kind of fun to play.  You also need to have a hard shot because if you don’t you won’t really get goals.

Hockey is a team sport so everyone has to be kind of good for your team to win it not just a one man show. there are five people on the ice and a goggle, you got to people to defend and the other three and get goals and one of them helps the   defenses when the puck is on your side of the ice.  If you team gets a penalty than its a four on five some with the other team if they hit one of your team.

There are 15-20 mins in a period and there are three of them. your team has to get goals and try to make the other team to not get as many goals so your team can win the game. Also if you don’t have a good goggle you would probably get scored on a lot and won’t win most or your games  Ice hockey | History, Rules, Equipment, Players, & Facts | Britannica

Lost in the woods

Jimmy did not like school that much so he would most of the time he would not go to school. Jimmy would go to some old scary abandoned looking houses. He did not want to go some were with people because people would ask way he is not in school at that time.

Jimmy wanted to go somewhere scary with his friends he wanted to go somewhere scary for the weekend, he and his friends are going some were more scary than other places he has been at. Jimmy looks online to find somewhere scary to go. He found somewhere that looked scary, so they decided to go there. People got lost there before and people herd scary noses there before when other people that have been there and some got lost.

Jimmy and his friends planed when to go. When the week came by, they got ready to go the. It was not far away from where they live so it did not take them long to get there. There was a fence around the place, so people don’t go inside but they went over it anyways. It was in the woods, so it was kind of scary. They where walking the way it says the house was on there phone. It did not take to long for them to find the house. They where kind of scared because they were some scary sounds in the woods when they were walking.

It was 2:00 AM at night so they went inside the house. At first when they were looking inside but it goes scary when they went to the second floor of the house. When they were going up the stairs, they saw something in there. They were very scared, so they went back dawn slowly, so it does not see them. On the way dawn one of them slipped and fell the thing hared them so he got up and ran as fast as he can to run away from it.

They all ran out of the house and stared to run as fast as they can to run away, they did not know where they were going, they just did not want to die. They saw the thing come out to when they were running. They went to hide be a tree, so the thing does not see them. When they were hiding, they looked over to see what it was it was like an animal that they have not seen before. Two mins later the animal started to move the other way, so they stared to walk the other way. When they were walking away, they did not look back but they animal turned around to go back in the house, but it saw jimmy and his friends walking away so the animal thing stared to run at them. Jimmy and his friends heard the animal thing so they ran away as fast as they can. They also saw the animal running on two legs, so they thought it was an alien, but it did not seem fast, so they got far away from it.

They went to hide in a bush for a little bit because they were scared and vary tired from running that long. Five mins later they hard some noses so they were going to leave but before they got up the saw the thing again. They just stayed in the bush to see if the thing would leave. The thing got really close to them and they were all scared, but the thing left before it got to their bush, they were very scared that they would die. They waited 10 mins before they got up and stared to run till get to the fence. Once they got back into the car the saw something in the bushes, so they just started to drive and go back home. Once they go back home, the sun was kind of coming up. They would never go to some where scary like that again.


Volleyball is a good sport. I like to play volleyball, its a team sport because your team need to good and fast. There are six people on the court, some two of them need to block and two of them to be good at valley so they can set your team to spick the ball and and there are two left they are to spick and other.

You can only hit the ball once and some one else has tp hit it till you can hit it again. Your team has to get the ball over in three touch’s only. When your severing you cant step over the line and if you try to over hand sever it and mess up you cant rear sever it.

A single player may jump as many as 300 times in a volleyball match. The record for most consecutive passes in volleyball is 110, achieved in the United States, in Raleigh, North Carolina, on February 5, 2010.

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