How to play: Soccer a team game. You and your team are try to score on the other team well trying to defend the other team from score. The pass the ball to your team mates and run to the other side and score.

Rules: Everyone need to have shingareds so they don’t get hurt. You can’t tuch the ball with your hand. if the goes out someone need to throe it in but they can’t pick up the feet till they throw it in.

How many people on a team: There are 11 players on each team. You can’t push someone over. You can’t  kick anyone. or say anything.


How to play basketball. You and your team are trying to score on the other team. Your trying to get the ball in to the hop. If you shot the ball form far away your team would get 3 points, if you shot the ball a little closer you would get 2 points, if you dunk it you would get 1 point

Roles. You can’t push someone who dasin’t have the ball. Only five players on each team on the court. Your cant dribbling the ball with both your hands. When  your dribbling and you stop you can only take two steps or pass the ball.

When someone has the ball and stop dribbling you can’t hit the out of there hand. Your team and you are trying pass the ball to each other and scoring on the other team. You can do any thing with the ball when you have it and try to get passed them.


Hello everyone today for blog I am taking about hockey.

what is hockey? hockey is a two team game. The to team play against each other. There are 6 people on the ice for each team, the goalie and 5 others. they all have sticks and equipment so don’t get hurt on the ice.

The rules in hockey? You have to score more then the there team but you can’t kick the puck in to the net. You can’t push or trip the other team if you do you will get a penalty.

How to play hockey? Hockey is a team game, your trying to score on the other team. Your trying keep the puck on the other side of the ice.